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Butterfly Milkweed

Butterfly Milkweed


Asclepias tuberosa

  • Orange flower clusters in July until September
  • Pointed seed pods add interest in fall/winter
  • Prefers well- drained sandy soil
  • Milkweed is the sole food source of the Monarch Butterfly larvae
  • Late to break dormancy in spring


Please note these are smaller 1/2 Qt pots


Light Requirement - Full Sun

Water - Low
Height: 24-30 inches

Spread: 18-24 inches

Pot size: 1/2 quart


  • Did you know?

    Monarch butterflies ONLY lay their eggs on milkweed leaves. Milkweed is the sole food source for the Monarch butterfly’s caterpillar. Milkweed is also a beneficial plant for many other pollinators.

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