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Welcome! We are so glad that you are interested in Troop/Crew 1577, a premier scout Troop active in the Herndon/Reston community.


Our scouts made a movie about why your should join our Troop. Check it out at -

There are two paths to joining Troop 1577.

  1. Scouts in 5th grade typically join together in the spring of their 5th grade year. Most, but not all, come from local Webelos Packs. These scouts are placed in First Year patrols with older scouts leadership and a team of Assistant Scoutmasters to oversee their orientation and early training. After six months they are placed in one of our youth patrols, each of 10-12 active 6th to 8th grade scouts.

  2. Scouts of other ages may join or transfer at anytime. Scouts in 6th through 8th grade are placed in youth patrols where their Patrol Leader and that Patrol’s Troop Guide will help them learn the scout skills and earn their way to First Class rank. High school age scouts also join the troop and are placed in the Ranger patrol with other high school aged scouts, also with a Patrol Leader and Troop guide to help them achieve the goals the new scouts set for themselves.


So, what to do?

  • Visit us! You are welcome to attend a meeting to watch and participate. Please reach out via our Contact form ( to confirm the time for the next meeting. They are usually held every second Monday night at 7:15pm. However sometimes we meet at another location in the community or we don't have a full troop meeting. It's good to check in advance. 

  • Start your paperwork: Below are links for your application—fill it out and bring it to our committee chair or other committee members that staff the meeting’s information tables.


Application forms*:

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