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Become a Merit Badge Councelor

What are the benefits of becoming a merit badge counselor?

  • You might help a Scout find his calling in life.

  • You might help a Scout grow in confidence so he is willing to try new things.

  • You can share your expertise and wisdom from your profession or hobby.

  • You will learn about Scouting and share the Scouting journey with your son.

  • You will be inspired by the Scouts in our troop, who are wonderful young people.


Below are the mandatory requirements to become a merit badge counselor:

  • Youth Protection Training – This training is done online and should take less than hour. It’s a series of videos and quizzes. Login to to access the training.

  • Boy Scout Adult Application – This form is at You do not need to pay the registration fee if you are planning to be a merit badge counselor but not other roles in the troop.

  • Merit Badge Counselor application – This form is at You will get your BSA ID when you fill out the Boy Scout Adult Application. List any badges that you would like to counsel. If you want to add more badges later, or remove any from your list, you will fill out this form again.


If you would like to become a Merit Badge Counselor, reach out to the Advancement Coordinator for help.

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