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It is the foremost goal of Troop 1577 that we will actively help each Scout attain the Rank of First Class, having passed through Tenderfoot and Second Class ranks. At this rank a scout is expected to possess the values and the skills necessary to lead a patrol safely (first aid, safe hike, safe swim, safety afloat) and effectively (planning for cooking, selecting and setting campsites).


Our goal is for all scouts--assisted by scout leaders and ASMs-- to advance to the rank of First Class.

Many scouts choose to continue in advancement through the leadership ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle; for these ranks much more responsibility is on the scouts themselves. For the rank of Star scouts begin practicing their leadership (4 months in a position) and service (6 hours) and start the more advanced merit badges. Life rank continues this leadership, service, and skills learning; Eagle rank is the pinnacle. Scouts will be working with ASMs and Eagle coaches along the way who will support their advancement. Not all scouts choose this path; participation in outings, meetings and service is not incumbent on scouts advancing through Leadership Ranks.

Merit Badge Specific Tips - COMING SOON!!

Camping & Hiking
Family Life
Sustainability / Environmental Science

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